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How to be good 4. Finals.

What we say is an action too. And the word can hurt much worse, then knife (or unspoken words). We all know that. That’s why The Trust is that hard to earn. And the older we grow, the harder we trust people. It all comes from our childhood, and grows with us every day. It is treated by us as a lesson we learn every single day we live. And the most valuable lessons we can only learn by ourselves. No one could teach us what to do in each and every particular situation. No books (even the most valuable and wise ones) are holding instructions: «Do that thing, then do this thing, and in the end the happiness comes». And even if some books are - those instructions are absolutely useless. Why? Because of the circumstances. We all heard, that history is not a straight line, because it’s always repeating. But if it is repeating - why do people still make mistakes? Because of the circumstances. That’s why we all should learn not the particular lessons, but learn the life as a whole. And the true wisdom is to see the lessons of the past in the today’s circumstances. It’s very easy to understand on an example of multiplying numbers. It’s not a hard thing to remember that 2x2 is 4, but this knowledge is useless, unless we know  how it works. Knowing the concept of multiplying numbers - we can multiply any of them. And all the maths becomes a 2x2. The exact same thing happens in our lives. Stop learning particular examples - learn the concepts. Knowing the basics of living brings us to a new level of being. And the most valuable lesson is that words are nothing, only actions matter. Some might say they love you till the end of time and go, cheat on you. Some other might be silently be somewhere near, and always up to help in your hard times, without saying a word. The value of them is obvious. The only thing we should learn as grown ups - is to see and avoid first ones, and to appreciate second ones. Despite the fact that the first ones are (most likely) more attractive.


As it sung in the song: «Right thoughts, right words, right actions». It becomes a habit, and the world around you becomes brighter. Arrogance is useless, because there’s always someone better, higher, stronger, more rich.  Basically, all the good thoughts are described in most of holy books, regardless of religion. We all remember the most notable of them, like don’t kill, don’t steal, but we forget to use others in our everyday life. Give, not take. Don’t humiliate, don’t lie, don’t be rude. Start today, and you’ll see the changes soon. It’s not a pill, that will change your life immediately, but once you'll start following this path - you change for good. And better people live better. Karma is physics. As long as you unselfishly give love to the world - the world gives it’s love for you. You’re the master of your word (until it’s unspoken). As you speak - you become a slave of it. You are a whole world, but the others are the whole worlds as well. Be kind, stay safe, share the love.

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